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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Buying & Preparing Starting Mix for Starting Vegetable Seeds: Seed Cell Flats & Trays and Method for Watering Your Vegetable Seed Starts

1. Buying & Preparing Starting Mix for Starting Vegetable Seeds

2. Seed Cell Flats & Trays 
(What They Are and How to Use Them)

3. Method for Watering Your Vegetable Seed Starts 
(Bottom Water!)

Starting with this video, I will be making videos that cover every step of vegetable gardening for 2015. I am in Maryland Zone 7, so we are entering winter. Come January 2015, I will be starting a lot of seeds indoors. If you want to join my new YouTube channel, it will take you along every step of the way from starting seeds indoors through planting, feeding, fighting diseases, pruning and harvesting. It will be a one stop vegetable gardening channel. Here is a link to my new channel: The Rusted Garden

You can save yourself a lot of money by starting your own plants indoors. This is true for vegetables, herbs and flowers. The process is pretty simple once you know how. I recommend you buy seed starting mix. Don't spend a lot of money. Most mixes are pretty much the same.

They are mostly made of peat moss. They might have a little lime tossed in it to keep the pH neutral. It may have some vermiculite or perlite added into the mix. That is usually the white specks you see in it. You may come across starting mix that has fertilizer in it. You don't really need that to start. Don't pay extra for it. Just a basic starting mix is all you need.

Seed staring mix is light, sterile and it holds water really well. That is what you want to germinate seeds and grow vegetable transplants.

You will needs a tray or flat and seed starting cells. You can find them online or buy them at many stores that sell garden supplies. I recommend you bottom water. It will save you time, create less splash and concerns for disease and fungus. You water your seed starts when the seed starting mix dries on the top. This video will explain all three things very well. Enjoy!

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